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4 (4 over 3) as ace asking after a preempt, teaching this to serious aft duplicate club players, good idea or not ?

The level is studious club players who never heard of intra finesse & have a really hard time with restricted choice. They all underestimate the values of aces for slams no matter how often I repeat it. They do quite well with Drury/bergen raise/inverted minors raises/smolen (maybe its because im not the one who have teach them those. Embarassed

I teach them and they understand that 4Nt is only RKC if a suit is agreed and a kibbitzer who doesnt see any cards know what trump is.

Their cuebid for controls is pretty good and they know that

1M-2Y-3M (2Y=GF, 3M show a suit good enough that its trumps)

1M-1NT-4Y (auto splinter)


 So on these they know that 4NT or a delayed 4Nt is RKC in opener M)


Should I teach them to use 4 as RKC over 2 and 3 level preempt ? (4 over 3 preempt, no modified responses)

Should I teach them to use 4 as RKC when is trumps (at their level it seem that its not rare that 2+Q isnt enough).

Yes to both.
Yes for 4 RKC, no for 4 as RKC
No for 4 RKC, yes for 4 as RKC
no for both

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