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93 year old forgets the contact...

I know the BW loves an ethical dilemma...

Playing in a high stakes Chicago game yesterday, you cut a a 93 year-old, who is a decent and very experienced rubber bridge player but who does suffer from the occasional blackout, and is an overall loser in the game.

First hand no-one  vulnerable: pard opens 2nt, responds 3h to your Stayman enquiry and you conclude the auction with 3nt. A spade is led and you put down dummy, laying the hearts on the right (hadn't read AJ for quite a while). Declarer wins the lead and plays back a spade, by the third round when the defence kindly point out pard ain't ruffing anything, they run 6 tricks for 2 down -100. 

In 3nt against the spade lead there were 8 top tricks and the only play for a 9th was taking a diamond finesse which was working.

If you were on the defending team wold you:

chalk up 100 (sorry kid, 93 ain't no excuse)
Offer to call the hand a wash
Concede 400

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