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A Bridge Trivia Quiz

Yesterday, one of the largest online trivia communities (featuring luminaries such as Ken Jennings) had a quiz dedicated solely to bridge. Both the trivia community leader, Shayne Bushfield, and the quiz author, Raymond Miller, have graciously given us permission to feature it here. No prizes will be handed out, this is just for bragging rights.

Rules: Answer the following 12 questions from memory. You may choose to money 5 of them, by appending a $ to the end of your answer. When a question asks for a person as answer, give just the last name of the person. You can give a first name as well, but an incorrect first name with the correct last name will be marked incorrect, so there's no real reason to do that.


  • 15 points per correct answer
  • N point bonus per moneyed question answered correctly, where N is the percentage of people taking this quiz from Bridge Winners who got it wrong. Note that if you money a question and you get it wrong, your bonus is 0. If you money a question, get it right, but it was so easy that only 10% get it wrong, your bonus is 10.

You may money at most 5 questions (there's no penalty for moneying, so you might as well mark 5). Should an entry have more than 5 moneyed questions, only the first 5 answers with a $ appended will be eligible for the money bonus.

I'll accept entries up until Friday 9am Pacific and post a followup with scores.

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