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A Cool Hand fron the Gold Coast

I had a had a declarer play problem from the "A" Final of the Gold Coast Congress, it was, unfortunately, our only piece of, "Gold", from the tournament, but I think that it was a very instructional hand which, probably with more luck than judgement, I managed to make, and was the only one.   Given my appalling lack of knowing how to present these things on Bridgebase I will give the hand in the best way that I know how and will be very interested in how you go.


Firstly, you hold K, KQ10XX, X, 98XXXX and at adverse vulnerability(pairs) and  hear partner open 1C (as short as 2, very occasionally 1).  The next player bids 2NT (Dand S) and you bid 3H, which in your methods is invitational.  The next player bids 3S and partner bids 4H.  Now comes 4S and you have your first decision.  I am a simple man (or so everyone tells me) so I bid 5H - perhaps 5C would have been better, and received a quick double on my left.  This became the final contract.


The 2S was led and I saw a very agreeable dummy - AXX - AJXX - QJXX, KX , beautiful - what could go wrong?


Rightly or wrongly (comments please), I drew two hearts ending in hand and surprisingly all followed., so not so much hope for the club suit now!  I played a club and LHO won the Ace and played a second Spade.  Your go - you should get it right from here!

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