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A counter-counter slam invitation?

After many years of duplicate (not with this partner), I encountered a new auction tonight.  It began inauspiciously (without competition) 2-2*-2NT**.  

**Partner has advertised a balanced 22 to 24 HCP with his 2NT rebid.  

*My 2 denied a bust hand.  Indeed, I hold  J942  KT6  J3  A632.  

If partner has a maximum, I picture us knocking on the door of a small slam, so I bid 4NT.  After deliberation, partner bids 5NT.  It's a relatively new partnership, and we haven't discussed responses to 4NT.

This is posted as a general, not a bidding, poll because I'd like to learn if 5NT (a) has a standard meaning to you, (b) has an agreed (though not standard) meaning in most of your established partnerships, or (c) you would be guessing in most established partnerships.  Does it mean pick a slam, pick a minor slam, bid 6NT with good spot cards, "I have exactly a balanced 23 count," or what?

Because I'm paralyzed with confusion, you are called to the table to make the next call. I explain our agreement about the 2NT rebid.  And your next call is ?

1. Pass
2. 6
3. 6
4. 6 NT
5. Other. Please explain.

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