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A few questions about Partnership, Concentration and Counting

I would like to ask a few questions (and hoping to get some suggestions) about building a partnership, concentration during the game, developing counting (points/shape/tricks) habits.

1- I observe that there is a paradoxical condition in bridge. In order to play good bridge you need good partners and in order to get good partners you need to play good bridge. Hiring a good player/teacher could be a solution (and useful for developing), but what else we can do to built a really good partnership? 

2- How do you keep your concentration/attention during the game? How to resist playing instinctively? How do you get over the miserable boards and stay focused for the next ones?

3- What can be done to develop counting (points/shape/tricks) skills ? It is easy to get lost during the game and forget the count. How do you remember the bidding, lead and dummy?

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