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A "friendly" game

Assume that you're playing a "friendly" game at your local club, so the stakes aren't high. You're really only playing for fun and for a bit of training against decent opponents, since your local club is a rather strong one.

Your opponent revokes, or bids out of turn. Since you're playing a club game, you don't mind him/her just taking the card/bid back, and play just continues as if there hadn't been any problem. (With or without a director)

On the next board, you're the one who fails to follow the rules. Your opponents aren't as forgiving as you were, and maximize their score by using your infringement to their benefit. (For example by forcing you to underruff and give away a hopeless contract.)

How do you feel about this? Do you think that it's none of my business questioning my opponents' way of maximizing their score, or would you also feel somewhat cheated? Does it matter what kind of tournament you're competing in?

I'm not generally asking your opinion on how to deal with an infringement, I just want to know if you would also feel cheated or betrayed under the given circumstances.

Nothing wrong with opp's attitude. If I decide to let an opponent get away with a revoke or a bid out of turn, that's my business. If they decide to punish me for my mistake, that's their business.
Depends on the level you're competing at. At club level this "winning mentality" is unnecessary, in a big event one should just go with the rules.
You would always feel cheated/betrayed if an opponent did this to you
I'm not going to get upset about my opponents being sticklers for the rules, but next time they revoke or bid out of turn I'll try to take maximum advantage.

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