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A Funny Situation after 1C-DBL-3C(Pree) By opps

Reading My Personal overcalls Database (Camerini Database) i find a a nice solution if bid goes 1-DBL-3-DBL.

The Basic problem is that if i bid 3 and 3 is not invitational but just competitive.

So what to do with 5 cards in major suit and 9-11 HCP?

I find this solution which in my opinion is really very nice.

DBL is TRSF to 3 For play 3 or for Show an invitational or more  hand with 5 cards in major suit.(Possible 1/2 Suiter Major strong)

3 is a normal TAKE OUT DBL, but warning because if u have 4-2 on eventually 3 by pard maybe u have no bid.If after 3D i bid 3NT this 3NT denies stop in Otherwise would bid 3NT on 3

3 is competitive with (4)5+ (4 if only 2)

3 is competitive with 5+

3NT is to play

4 is 5-5 Major where 4 is interested for slam and 4 is P/C

4 is Both Major not strong 

4 and 4 are to play but not with points,this difference is very important especially when opps bid 5

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