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A most Singular beer card

The last two months of the year were good for beer cards.

I won trick one in a NT contract with the beer card and then won a more normal 13th trick beer card and then came this:

K987643 AKJ96 -

Partner opened 1 and then supported my  while opps competed in . I bid 6 when pard could do nothing over my  cue bid.

The lead was a  away from the Q and that gave me the contract.

I then just cashed my 12 major card winners. I considered claiming and giving up a diamond at the end but it was the beer card.

Opps could, and should have signalled length in the minors but they didn't and my beer card was the 13th trick and my overtrick. Dummy had started with the K6 and by trick 13 all that was left in dummy was the Q.

Can there be a better beer card than one that starts out singleton?

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