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a new plan for promoting bridge

New BusinessAt some meeting in the near future I want to discuss a proposal. I do not have a definite plan or motion yet. Just want to discuss the notion of a plan with funding maybe coming from several sources including the Duplicate Bridge Association of Atlanta (DBAA), the Unit, the District and the ACBL The plan would be to advertise in a big way using modern methods of advertising all programs to build up the game of bridge in a collective way.

A well designed marketing program for the game putting forth all bridge teachers , other methods of teaching programs like “Learn Bridge in a Day”, on line programs that teach bridge and all bridge clubs or groups and bridge resources on line and elsewhere.

Modern methods would include methods of free and paid social media free and other advertising like TV and radio, billboards, bumper stickers, etc. We want to use all sorts of modern promotion efforts directing people to one place to get information and promote bridge. The marketing would be for all ages but in particular to include the 30 to 50 age group. The essence of the proposal would be a well designed program to build up bridge rather than hundred of different methods that receive little promotion outside our small group.

I am going to reach out to many people looking for suggestions and ideas but in particular also seeking advice from professional advertisers, marketers and promoters.

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