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A new scoring format???

So I was sitting at dinner trying to explain different scoring formats to my non-Bridge-playing wife.  She understands matchpoints, finally, but when it came time to explain the basics of team scoring, she got confused, largely by the fact that in a typical team event, a given board is only played at two tables (and even when boards are duplicated across the field, the scoring of each match is completely independent of all the other matches).  "Why not," she said, "have all the matches play the same boards and then compare the net scores from each board in each match against the same board in all the other matches?"  


In other words, matchpoint the team results across the field.


I haven't thought about this very hard, but I don't see any particular reason this wouldn't be an interesting way to run an event.  But at the same time, I've never heard of anything like it.  Has this been done before?  Does anybody have an opinion on what such an event would be like?

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