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A pet peeve

My wife calls me "The Secretary Bird" whenever I mention this but it irks me nonetheless.

LHO: 1NT, pd: pass, RHO: 2 ("Transfer" by LHO).

Yesterday this came up in a sectional A/X Swiss. Wouldn't you think that people playing in that event would know better?

Perversely, I asked the meaning of this (I had no good "bridge" reason to do so) and was told that it was a transfer to clubs. "So, RHO is showing clubs?" I ask. "Oh no, he might have diamonds," comes the reply.

Am I alone in finding this irritating?

BTW, I am asking this question from the point of view of the ACBL region where the announcement "transfer" is considered appropriate only for two- and four-level where the bidder promises the next higher suit.

And I'm well aware that my question was egregious. If possible, please try to ignore that in your answer.

You're right, it's annoying, and players should know better.
You're right, it's annoying, and players in an A/X event should know better.
Relax, there are more important things to be concerned with.

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