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A potential cheating story without any clues, how about that BW?
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Someone's post about cheating was deleted today due to community guidelines. It didn't mention any names but it did mention the venue and tournament and within minutes you could reach the conclusion. Fair enough.

But the post reminded me of a huge problem - cheating at bridge festivals. For example, a wonderful festival I frequent on was won several times by some of the people pointed at in the pro-bridge cheating scandal several years ago. I also know first hand about some compatriotic rigging. Then there were "toilet rumours". Bridge festivals are easier to cheat on - most players don't care, they come for sun and fun and "total" control is almost impossible to enforce. Also there is a question of motivation for expelling cheating from festivals - not that there isn't any, but it's much weaker and mechanisms are less potent than in the official competitions or professional environment. Then there is another thing - festival cheaters may not be your favourite-bermuda-bowl-winners-interpol-is-after-them cheaters. They can be off the radar in big competitions. But this is too broad material, for another series of discussions.

I'm writing this because I recognized the pair in question and I remembered them very well - I was impressed how they made such a good result with such poor bridge knowledge. But it would never ring a bell that they might be cheating until I heard about their constant success at bridge festivals. Again, this is not even a cheating allegation, just a testimony according to my bridge experience.

No names, no clues. Even board will (maybe) be made up (the essence remains). And then a bit of fun at the end.

(every "he" treat as "he/she", it was too ugly to write it redundantly)

My partner played a very high level contract where he needed to guess AK109x in hand vs xxxx in dummy. Dummy showed other very long and strong suits, so there is no way in theory that he would try some acrobatics (such as holding K109 and finessing etc). 

After a small card from dummy, RHO played an honor from QJx! This is kind of play typical for a 42% player in you club, but even them would not find it every time.

Now the fun part.

My partner actually thought they were good (he waited for another really very good pair and he didn't know how they looked like) and played RHO for "Idiot coup" - that he actually dropped an honor from Hx so he would trick declarer into a finesse on the second round!

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