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A Proposal from World Bridge Productions

World Bridge Productions is willing to donate $20,000 towards realizing the following proposal:

Starting atthe Round of 16 in knockouts, the 2ndday of theReisinger, and throughoutthe Team Trials, 64 iPads are supplied (perhaps a few extras for breakdowns).

"East and South", "North and West" would sit at tables in separate rooms playing on an iPad.

Advantagesare many but here are just a few:

  • Players' experience is enhanced
  • Observers experience is enhanced
  • Talking is not permitted (no one needs it)
  • Cheating is eliminated(except by electronic means that areavailable already)
  • Costs are reduced (no caddies, no pre-dealt boards, no screens to set up and transfer by truck, less space required at tournament sites)
  • Director calls are minimized (leads and bids out of turn etc)
  • Slow play is recordable (penalties are easier and indisputable)
  • Convention cards(available on the screen)and alerts are easier and not filtered by an accent, no pens and pencilsand misunderstanding of messages
  • Complete records are available to all concerned
  • Can easily be integrated with ACBL Live, etc.

Our cost estimate for achieving this is less than $50,000, and we believe there would be a positiveROI in less than a year.

THE CAVENDISH COMMITTEE of World Bridge Productions


A brief historical perspective:

We were in charge of running the Cavendish and we considered this proposal as far back as 2004. At the time, the software and technology had not reached the point it has today. We had a 30-year history of trying to preserve the integrity of the event. We were the first pair event to use screens. We carefully chose our fields and tried very hard to preserve the integrity and stature of the event. Although we no longer run the event, we feel that this suggestion may help to preserve the integrity of the game and are in support of all who try to help.

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