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A Proposal that the Author has yet to Decide Whether he Supports

After reading many of the seemingly-endless comments on Peg Kaplan's "You be the Director" article, I suggest the following:

1. Flighting and stratification of regionally and sectionally rated events is hereby abolished;

2. Instead, all such events shall be divided into three divisions: Neophyte, Recreational, and Serious.  Except as explained below, players may "self-select" which division to play in;

3. The Neophyte Division will be limited to near complete beginners.  As a loose generality, players will be expected to move out of this division after about one year of play.  Directors will "gently encourage" players who are doing too well, too often, to move out of this category;

4. The Recreational Division will give only small enforcement the technical rules of bridge.  Hesitations, "coffee-housing," and the like-- anything short of "Partner, lead a club"-- will not incur any penalty.  The rules on revokes, leads out of turn, and so forth, will be enforced only to the extent of restoring what the director deems the most likely result without the irregularity.  All rulings of the director will be final; there will be no committees.  Conventions will be limited to those found on the ACBL Yellow Card, but player's will not be required to play any particular conventions.  They may make their own choices about which natural bids are invitational, forcing, etc.  Exception: The only permissible opening 1NT ranges shall be 15-17 or 16-18.  Players who have a top 10 finish in an unrestricted NABC event will be presumed to be ineligible for the Recreational Division.  However, players may seek an exception by showing decreased bridge ability due to ill-health, injury, or age.

5. The Serious Division will play be the laws of bridge as written.


As stated in the caption, I am not sure whether I support this proposal.  I am also not quite sure whether it is a serious proposal.  I would love to see comments and possible amendments.

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