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A Rationale for $1 of ACBL dues going to the WBF

You can be a Club player in North America, and decide not to join the ACBL. However, many Club players do pay their annual dues, and get masterpoints, Bulletins, etc. If you do join, you can't just join your local unit without also becoming a member of a hierarchy of bridge organizations: Unit, District, ACBL. Extend that up to the WBF. By becoming a dues paying member of the organized bridge community, why shouldn't it extend all the way up to the World level?

Some have objected to the $1 per ACBL member that is paid to the WBF as dues. You don't pay separate dues to your Unit, District, and the ACBL. It's all one annual fee. Why not view the $1 of your dues that goes to the WBF as just one part of the hierarchical system of organized bridge? Why stop at the national level, when there is a World-wide organization, too?

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