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A Real Funny BBO Story From Last Night!

This is a real story!

The heroes of this incident are Sina Somay, Baki Agaoglu and Tufan Kose from  Adana Bridge Club/Turkey. 

Sina, a decent player from Adana always play BBO tourneys with his buddy Baki Agaoglu and they play simple precision club. Sina is also known with his "not paying attention to details" and forgetting things.  An example, I witnessed myself with my own eyes, one day at his office,  I said something to him and he knocked on the table twice, performing the "knock on wood" thing and he forgot this and immediately looked at the door and said "Who is it?"  You have to take my word for it, he was not acting!

Last night Sina who is used to get invitations in BBO from Baki recieves an invitation and immediately accepts it. A 14 board MP event. The event starts and when they are on 14th  board and playing slightly over  60 % game, Sina recognizes that someone else is sitting as partner instead of Baki!

He calls Baki immediately and 

Sina -"WTF? Where did you go? Someone else is sitting on your seat!" 

Baki- "I never logged into BBO today, what are you talking about?"

Sina then clicks on his partner's card and sees that he is actually playing with another Adana Bridge Club member Tufan Kose! The funny part is, Sina plays Precision Club thinking that he is playing with Baki but Tufan plays 2/1! . And they do not recognize in 14 boards that they play different systems, yet they play over 60% which they never achieved more than 50%  playing together in the past playing  same system!

Perhaps I am so bored at home and that is why this made me laugh for long. I thought it was funny and wanted to share it. :)

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