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A Request from Ms Manners

This is a post I felt I must make.

Many of us will pose a variety of problem hands where we could have reached a better spot or could have defended better.  Always interesting to me to see who voted for what choices, and what their reasoning was behind the choice.

Yet too often, I think that many people are not at all thoughtful in their statements. To be blunt, some express their views with phrases like “embarrassingly awful” – “not bridge” - “why on earth” – “ridiculous” – “deserve one another” …. And so forth and so on.

Some of those who comment at Bridge Winners are world class and top notch experts. A gift to have their views and commentary.  Yet, not all of us fall into those categories (which I frankly think is great). 

I like to think that at least one of the many options available to us here is to learn from others.  While we may see few novices stopping by, we do have players who often do fairly well and most of the time are quite competent - even if they are not in the "elite" category.

Maybe others don’t feel as I do. But, I really wish that those who level harsh insults could try to keep those to a minimum (or not at all).  Some of us aren’t bothered by the jeers, but – some are.  I hate to think that some might be afraid to ask about “what went wrong” when to do so means that they will be laughed at and ridiculed.

I realize that at times, people have chosen really poorly. So I’m not saying that it’s wrong to let them know that a bid is bad!  Yet perhaps think twice before you tell people what a blazing moron they are, or how they perhaps made the worst bid or play in the history of the game.  Instead let them know why their selection was not a good choice at all, and how they might have figured out a superior one.

IMHO, we want more people playing our game and getting better and better at it!  Thus it seems it would behoove us to act in ways that will encourage and promote this. 

Thank you!

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