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A (subjective) solution of my last poll

Here are 3 arguments in favor of ENTERING ACE - taking into account "mechanical" thinking of W and S. These arguments have sense only if even after good declarer's decision, he still can be set!

1. If we play low and declarer guesses right (playing also low), he will continue spades. In this second trick W can have difficult decision: what to throw.

2. If we enter ace, the intelligent continuation can be helpful for partner.

3. Assume after our continuation, next trick will be taken in the closed hand. Then declarer needs to enter dummy for the second finessing. There exists a possibility that the "obvious" way to reach dummy is through A. Now for the second spades trick our partner will have more information.

Real declarer's holding was:

Kxx x AKxx AKQ9x

After winning A, we should go a LOW DIAMOND. (Which for the moment is the second choice in the poll).

Then:declarer wins, enters A and plays 2 rounds of spades.

For first of them W can throw unnecessary 10 and keep all his clubs.

For the second he can finally throw a small heart from: Kxxx.


[For technical reasons I couldn't post it as a comment]

[Still I have troubles in commenting so I put this in the text]

Subjectively (after my double) 4-4 division in clubs is more probable than hearts finesse. Additionally declarer has a chance for pseudo-squeezes.


Unimaginative routine - as I try to present it with help of many commentators - is absolutely different notion as approach of amateurs. Or even more different as that of beginners...

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