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A very nice board

Just allow me to share a board from my BBO Sunday match this afternoon against Chinese team of friends.  I play now for almost 30 years, mostly online mainly due to health problems, but cannot remember I came across this bidding ...   Smile


This was the bidding:

N          E       S       W

5     6      P      


My hand.....      A K 10    Q J 9 6 4 2    Q 9    A 6

I must admit.. I thought the cat of my Pard Gabriele was causing a miss-click...  Happens more...  Laughing

And no agreements over such a high-level bid...

But o.k., I took her serious... My bid...   7   made.  for a nice win...

All congrats to my BBO friend Raz...   who guessed my Pard's hand almost correctly...

She had    Q 8 5 4 3 2  A K 5 3    -    Q J 7

Sometimes bridge is a funny game Wink

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