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A very "simple" bidding question! What is 4N in these two auctions?

In a District Teams event yesterday one particular hand caused carnage, and even a few international partnerships came unstuck in terms of knowing their agreement on 4N on these sequences.

If they get it wrong what hope for me?!

I know - I'll ask those nice BridgeWinners people, and get some really clear advice to this very "simple" question!

Please note 1 will be natural, 4+ card suit. 


What is 4N these two auctions?

(a)   1   1

       1   4N


(b)   1 1

       1 1   

       2  4N

Bidding fourth suit at 1 level is generally treated as 10+ hcp, may or may not be a suit.  1 is F1 initially, so not FTG.

Both are RKCB for the last bid suit
Both are quantitative
(a) is RKCB (for last bid suit), and (b) is quantitative
(a) is quantitative, and (b) is RKCB (for last bid suit)
Other - you tell me!

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