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Abolish the Bermuda Bowl - It will happen!

Reading all the posts about the Fireman win and the issue of professionalism, I come away with a different take, mostly based on my experience watching football/soccer since the 1970's.

As a boy, the quadrennial Wold Cup "Mundial" was what everyone was waiting for.  We never saw the south Americans play but at the WC, your country was quintessential to who you were and stood for other word, to your identity.  Today, that has vastly changed.  The meaning of country and culture, so strong in the cold war, is much less so.  Today, football is ruled by the European clubs.  All the great south Americans play in Europe, and the best football is club football.  The world cup is still a draw, but nothing like what it was then.

What is true in football is true in bridge as well.  Does it matter to me that a Dutch, Brazilian, Japanese or American bridge team wins the BB?  Not at all, totally irrelevant.  In neither instance do they 'represent' the country.  My point here is that no one complains when an international pro team wins a National, but for honor and country, one should stand on principle for the BB?  Please!

It is my belief that the Bermuda Bowl will not make any sense soon.  If you read a previous thread, a top player has chosen not to play in the BB because the transnational event - taking place at the same time - is more lucrative for him.  If this was so wrong, one should fire the entire WBF management who is scheduling these 'pro' BB's.  But no one is because everyone knows that for the sake of professional bridge, transnational and sponsors are the way to go.

The major change that will make all this obsolete is technology.  The ONLY way to make sure that cheating and unethical behavior is out of bridge is to have matches on computers with live monitoring and variable bidding speed.  Imagine the potential: No traveling cost, nor organising costs.  No politicians and board of directors.  You can play from your city, at a public space where others can monitor you.  It would take care of all the issues that we have now.  Would it be successful?  I don't know.  Table feel, does that exist on a computer screen? Would sponsors pay to play with a pro alone at a computer?  And yet, this is undeniably the future of the game we love.  Imagine the best pairs, regardless of expenses, being able to compete with one another.  I can't wait for that day.

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