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ACBL and Live for Clubs

I'm a club director. Recently, ACBL -- never too good at providing information -- has strongly suggested that club directors MUST implement Live for Clubs in order to pay monthly table fees and submit monthly masterpoint results, which will after a certain date be payable ONLY through ACBL Live for Clubs. Up until now, payment of fees has been accomplished directly through ACBLScore. Instructions currently available on making these payments is sketchy at best. Directors will be required to leave a credit card on file to facilitate payment. Like ACBL is hack proof, dontcha know.

Not only do I and all of our other local directors resent being strongarmed this way, and abhor the idea of giveing our CC information to this web site, we prefer another reporting service to Live for Clubs. It provides much more extensive options for displaying results, is very easy to use and our contract has been renewed by our Unit for the coming year.

Opinions? I'd very much like someone at ACBL who knows what's what to explain the situation.

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