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ACBL Convention Card Policy - Questions

Hello all,

I just wonder what people think about following:

In ACBL games, people usually use back of their convention card as scorecard. This practical thing make these people put their CC in front of themselves or hold their CC on their lap.

CC is a tool which is designed to for use of opponents. In WBF events, you give your CC at the beginning of the match/round and say "bye" until the end of the match/round. It is really not the case for ACBL, or at least at North Carolina clubs.

1) You see an opponent holding a CC on his/her lap. What do you feel? Is it OK foryou?

2) You see an opponent trying to see his/her CC before bidding something. What do you feel? Is it OK for you?

3) You want to see CC of opponents and try to reach it without asking. Opponent gets really angry and calls TD. What do you feel?

p.s. I am planning to make an experiment in different clubs/tournaments about CC usage and will share the results here.

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