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ACBL focuses on college students

Last night I got an email from the ACBL announcing a special area on BBO for college students, with perks like free play, exclusive tournaments, etc. Today the ACBL website announces College Bridge Online. I'm guessing that this is two announcements of the same thing.

I don't know any college students, alas. But this does look like a good effort.

One idea I've had, but havn't acted on, is to go with three other bridge players to a student union somewhere, take over a table in an high-traffic area, set up a sign, and start playing bridge. We'd all be willing to stop the game to chat, discuss the play, or whatever onlookers were interested in. Depending on what happens, we might go back at the same time every week for a while. 

I like  having this online option to point college students to. Much easier for them than finding three other players, starting a club, and so on. Whatever can be done to lower the barriers to entry we should do.

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