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ACBL General Convention Chart Question

This is a somewhat esoteric convention chart question, so I'd guess most people don't know the answer any better than I do, but I figure someone may. I've been contemplating trying a "NT preempt" third seat white, showing a balanced hand with 8-13 HCP. This agreement is GCC legal with the caveat that there may not be any conventional responses, etc. This isn't such a big deal in this context, as our side is very unlikely to have game, and many (or at least some) of the semi-balanced hands will select a different call than the NT preempt opening; opening semi-balanced 5 card weak twos is generally acceptable in our methods third seat white, for example. In general, natural "to play" responses seem like they'd work fine. The biggest problem I see with the treatment is: 1) potential damage to strong NT auctions, and 2) runout legality. I've given some thought to 1) and I think it's workable; basically just move everything down half a point. So the biggest problem is 2); I'd expect to be doubled for penalties fairly frequently playing this treatment, so it seems necessary to have a decent runout system. The GCC seems fairly clear (at least how I read it) that conventional bids may not be used as a defense to an opponent's conventional defense to one's ultra-light or wide-ranging (or dual-range) NT opening. The other seemingly-relevant GCC provision is a blanket statement allowing conventional doubles and redoubles in (almost?) all auctions.


(including free bids) thereto.


natural notrump opening bids or overcalls with a lower limit of fewer than 10
HCP or with a range of greater than 5 HCP (including those that have two
non-consecutive ranges)

So the question is: What runout systems are GCC legal after 1NT (8-13)-(x)-?

One relevant question is how a penalty double should be's not exactly a 'conventional defense'. My reading of the GCC is that a conventional redouble would be allowed in this context and all other calls must be natural, but I'm not very confident in my interpretation.

I am confident that all typical runout methods are GCC legal in this context
I am confident that a conventional redouble is allowed, but everything else must be natural
I am confident that nothing conventional is allowed; xx must be business, P 'to play', 2x = x
I'm not sure, but I think all typical runout methods are GCC legal in this context
I'm not sure, but I think that only a conventional redouble is allowed
I'm not sure, but I don't think anything conventional is allowed
I have no idea

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