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ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?

For as long as I've been involved with promoting youth bridge, the ACBL has offered annual membership dues of $15 for junior members (age 25 and under). This has included delivery of a hard copy of the monthly Bulletin.

Throughout that period, full price adult memberships have run about $29 for the first year, and more thereafter (currently $39).

At meetings in D.C. Summer 2016, the BoD voted to offer $5 junior memberships, which will include electronic access to the Bulletin, but not snail mail delivery.

When I heard about this decision, I was sad, because I felt certain that most juniors/parents would choose the $5 membership over the $15 membership, even if they could readily afford the $15, and would be more likely to read the hard copy of the Bulletin if it came in the mail every month.  I know that many Silicon Valley Youth Bridge players do read their Bulletins (sometimes even showing articles about themselves to friends and family!) and I fear they are less likely to do so when it's electronic.  

However, I have been told that there were good reasons for this decision.  It was a unanimous BoD decision, so, although I am not sure I support the reasoning I've been given, I was prepared to let it go.  Picking my battles and all that.....

Since then I've been informed that the intent is actually to discontinue the $15 option which includes the hard copy.  I assume the practical effect of this will be that virtually all junior members will choose to receive only electronic access to the Bulletin in the future.   Depending on presentation, they may not even realize they have an option, just naturally signing up for a junior membership.

I am considering requesting that the BoD reconsider this recent decision (which does not yet seem to be reflected on the ACBL website), and retain the option of a $15 full membership for juniors, either in addition to, or instead of the $5 option.  

Before I determine how much effort to make in this regard, I'd like the opinion of the Bridge Winners community, especially those who are directly or indirectly affected by this change.


EDIT: Based on comments, I wish to clarify that, as far as I know, the current electronic version of the Bulletin does NOT contain content that can be easily shared (if at all).  One must log in with an ACBL number to read the Bulletin.  Afaik, it is this version which will be included in the new junior membership, not something with links to share on social media, etc.

I am an ACBL Junior, and would miss receiving a hard copy of the Bulletin for $15 per year
I am an ACBL Junior, and would not miss receiving a hard copy of the Bulletin for $15 per year
I am NOT an ACBL Junior, and I believe the $15 hard copy option should be retained
I am NOT an ACBL Junior, and I believe it is fine to eliminate the hard copy junior membership option
Other (comments appreciated)

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