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ACBL Masterpoint questions
  1. Why don't BCD players get credit for the 299er table count when A/X players do?   (Explanation below)
  2. How many masterpoints should winning a 2-session event pay out relative to winning a 1-session event?
  3. Can anyone update me on the masterpoint review committee?


Please assume that masterpoints matter in your comments.

I ran a 3-flight 2-session sectional event in November.  The event worked GREAT (results): 

  • We had 41 tables: 10 A/X, 15 BCD and 16 299er tables and the masterpoint limits were set so that "club" A/Xers could likely play in BCD.

My first question is why the AXers get "credit" for 41 tables played when the BCDers only get credit for their section.   Horn Lake verified that this is "correct."   For those new to ACBL's masterpoint formula, a key factor in calculating masterpoints is the number of tables.  The AX award is based on all the tables in BCD and 299ers which is 10+15+16=41 since theoretically the lesser flights have self-selected into easier flights.   But the same self-selection argument holds for the BCD section since 299ers evidently chose the easier flight.  

My second question is why the payout for winning a 2-session event is 1.5 times the payout of winning a 1-session event - other things being equal?  Intuitively it strikes me that the ACBL should want to encourage 2-session events and give greater rewards for success.   OTOH, the ACBL "encourages" 2-session events at regionals via masterpoint pigmentation.  And winning a 2-session event usually requires only a 1st and 6th place finish (or similar) in the 2-sessions which makes the two payouts similar.   A director was discouraging me from running a 2-session sectional event again because of the mp payout but the event itself was very popular.  

Lastly, what is the ACBL masterpoint committee doing?

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