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Last year at the Fall NABC in Orlando I entered the 3-day North American Swiss on a team comprised of myself and four males.  After failing to qualify for the second day, we added a female and made plans to play as a 6-handed team in the 2-day Mixed Swiss. 

Somebody had the thought that we should check the CoC to make sure this configuration was allowed.  Although nobody could see why it wouldn't be, we did check, and learned that it was not permitted.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY The NABC Mixed Swiss Teams is open to teams of four, five or six players each of whom is a paid ACBL member. No more than three of the players may be male, and no more than three may be female. The teams will play at all times as mixed pairs: one male and one female.

The same conditions of entry exist for the Mixed BAM, and I would assume for any other ACBL Mixed Team events.  I have not checked WBF CoC on this.

One of the males graciously dropped off the team so that the rest of us could play.

I spoke with many people about this issue, and nobody could think of a sensible reason for this condition.  Our team would have had a male-female partnership at each table at all times, which seems to be what the format is all about.  And each team member would have played at least half the boards.

Why does the gender of the people sitting out matter?

I recognize that not many players are affected by this, given that few teams wish to enter as 4 males+2 females or 4 females+2 males.  But is there any good reason it shouldn’t be permitted?   

If not, I hope that the CoC can be changed asap -  ideally in time for the upcoming Mixed Swiss in San Diego, on the off chance that my team doesn’t make it past the first day of the Reisinger!

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