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ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?

Someone emailed Jay Whipple asking if there is anything to be done for the families who lost out on childcare with such short notice in Hawaii and this is from his response:

“Legal counsel has advised us to extricate ourselves from this. This is a legal mine field and we have no business providing this service…before service can be offered all employees would have to have screening and certification of employees before any service can be offered.“

For those of you who are keeping count, this is CYA excuse is story #3 as to why there is no childcare in Hawaii. This statement also seems to indicate they do not intend on providing childcare to any of the nationals moving forward.

So, I emailed Jay Whipple myself, asking him if this was the ACBL‘s intention to stop providing childcare on the future, as this significantly impacts how much bridge my husband and I will be able to travel for in the future. This was his terse reply:

”I am sorry we can not accommodate your situation in Hawaii.

I will not attempt yet another explanation. Please contact the ACBL HQ for the official explanation.”

Jay Whipple, last time I checked you were still the president of the Board of Directors. Your blatant disrespect in your curt non-response to one of your due paying members is an abomination. I will find you in Hawaii and you can explain it to my face.

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