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ACBL Providence BoD motions

The ACBL Providence motions are now online.

143-01: controlling ACBL member data

  • A restriction on collecting and using/selling member data this issue is inherent in the way the ACBL collects and disseminates personal information to/from clubs/units/districts
  • The motion itself isn't clear: are e-blasts for ACBL purposes allowed?
  • More generally, it's not clear whether a specific event precipitated this motion or whether it's part of a broader plan for Horn Lake to extert stronger control over its data/software (e.g. ACBLScore)

143-26: The famous online masterpoint motion

143-64: for the ACBL to give Junior fund money, the USBF and CBF must provide some minimum accounting

[Edit: Jan Martel clarifies this Junior fund motion below.The USBF has been transparent, and I didn't intend the above synopsis to indicate otherwise]

143-71: board members paying the $1.50 international fund surcharge

  • an "inconsequential" motion requiring BoD members pay the $1.50 surcharge for the International Fund when they play for free. Although inconsequential, I mention the motion as a victory for transparency since the ACBL has claimed that they don't account for this money collected at its own venue. Thus, the motion promotes transparency

143-85: requiring vulnerability inserts (!).

143-86: conflict of interest of board members

  • adding a "non-financial interest" clause to the board's conflict of interest policy.
  • It's not clear whether this motion is motivated by the board politics about members voting on their own international travel or if something else is being targeted. Here's the definition of non-financial interest:
  • "Non-Financial Interest. A non-financial interest shall be defined as an interest, not involving financial gain, including but not limited to personal, both relatives and friends, professional, political, academic, ideologica land religious, that might lead an independent observer reasonably to question whether a Board member’s actions or decisions in connection with the League are influenced by considerations of such outside interest."

143-87: allowing board members to be employed by the ACBL

  • Changing the ACBL rules to allow Board members to be employed by the ACBL.
  • The existing rule seems so reasonable that it's surprising someone proposed eliminating it.

143-112 thru 143-120 (9 separate motions): the details of proposed masterpoint changes (pages 14-23)

143-141: extra flight B and C GNT teams

  • allowing 2 GNT teams per district (flights Ba and C only) if that district has 6+ competitors.
  • What's the rationale for this? My fear is that it may randomize the swiss qualifying at the nationals.

143-150: the ACBLScore+ motion (page 24)

143-46: allowing regionals to be 7 days

143-50: updating some NLM sectional rules to reflect masterpoint inflation

143-51 and 143-52: tweaking travel expenses for tournament directors

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