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ACBL Rank Survey

The following is an email and survey I received from ACBL today. I assume it was sent to the entire membership.



Over the years, there have been many suggestions made on how the ACBL could improve its ranking system. This year, the Bridge Committee is looking at the entire ranking system with an eye to improvements. We are looking to our membership for thoughts on how this can best be accomplished.

There is no perfect system, but with your help, we hope to make some positive improvements. By completing the questionnaire linked to below, you will help us with these decisions.

Thank you,

2015 Bridge Committee


1. About how many total masterpoints do you have?

  • 0-100 total masterpoints
  • 101-200 total masterpoints
  • 201-300 total masterpoints
  • 301-500 total masterpoints
  • 501-1000 total masterpoints
  • 1001-2500 total masterpoints
  • 2501-5000 total masterpoints
  • 5001-7500 total masterpoints
  • 7501-10,000 total masterpoints
  • 10,001+ total masterpoints

2. The Life Master total masterpoint requirement, for members who joined after January 1, 2010, is 500 masterpoints, removing the Bronze Life Master status.

Would you prefer the ACBL:

  • Reinstate Bronze Life Master at 750 masterpoints
  • Reinstate Bronze Life Master at 1000 masterpoints with a corresponding increase in the requirements to become a Silver Life Master
  • No change

3. Members need 1000 masterpoints to become a Silver Life Master and 2500 masterpoints to become a Gold Life Master.

Would you prefer the ACBL:

  • Create a masterpoint level in between 1000 and 2500 masterpoints
  • No change

4. Members need 2500 masterpoints for Gold Life Master, 5000 for Diamond Life Master, 7500 for Emerald Life Master and 10,000 for Platinum Life Master.

Would you like to see the ACBL create more masterpoint rank levels between 2500 and 10,000 masterpoints?

  • Yes
  • No

5. If the ACBL did create more levels between 2500 and 10,000 masterpoints, which would you prefer?

  • Create a new level at every 1000 point interval (2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, etc.)
  • Create more levels, but not as frequent as every 1000 point interval

6. If there are additional levels created, which would you prefer?

  • Use currently named ranks with added tiers. (eg., Tier One Gold, Tier Two Gold, Tier One Diamond, Tier Two Diamond, etc.)
  • Create new rank names. (e.g., Opal, Sapphire, Ruby, etc.)



All of the questions concerned masterpoint cutoffs for the named ranks, which seems inane to me. I was hoping there would be discussion about development of some sort of official performance ratings, maybe like those I have seen here in the past. It is a difficult problem, and seems more worthy of discussion.

Unforunately, there was no way to add comments to the survey response. I could find no mention of the "2015 Bridge Committee" on the ACBL website. Does anyone know who is on this committee or how I can send them comments?

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