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ACBL Regional Schedules - Previous Experiments

Hi all,

I love our unit's sectional schedule but would love to request/suggest some changes to the regional schedule (which is controlled by a different group of people). However, I am not familiar at all with what changes other districts have tried and what has worked and what has not. I'd love feedback about what has worked and not worked for other districts both from the coordinator POV and the player POV.

Currently the Seattle area regional is pretty straightforward and generally summarized by: 2 sessions Open Pairs in the afternoon and evening, 2 day KOs that are generally afternoon and evening, team events horizontally in the morning over 2 days, and single session events in the evening.

This is generally a "commuter" regional, with a good chunk of the players coming from the Seattle area - relevant graphs here: (not my work)

Unlike some areas, Seattle has a decent working age bridge population that only plays in the evening which is why there is an unusual evening start time - 7:15 is a compromise between those fighting traffic wishing for a 7:30 start time and the 2 session people not wanting it later than 7PM.


On to the main point: This seems like a fairly traditional schedule. However, I've read a lot of discussions of people moving to 10/3 and some people even wanting NABCs to move to that schedule. How has that gone? What changes in participation were evident the following year? What approach is typically taken with the evening sessions with that sort of change?

I looked at the Atlanta regional but that seemed to have a mixture of daytime and traditional events which I'm not sure our regional is big enough for. Would love some examples of other regionals which are smaller but shifted to more of a daytime schedule.

It seemed like a schedule with events at 10/3 along with 2 session evening events at 7:30 and continuing the next day at 7:30 might be a solution that appeals to both audiences better. However, this is currently backed up by 0 experience or data so would love feedback/thoughts/insight etc.


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