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ACBL Scheduling: Adjusting Spring NABC Schedule to avoid excluding certain genders/ages

Hi all,

One frustration I have personally experienced and heard voiced by a variety of other people is a frustration with the ACBL's scheduling of NABC events that create gaps where there is nothing to play. Specifically:

1) Senior events starting without any open event to join

2) Mixed events starting without any open event to join

While mixed events don't completely exclude anyone, they definitely create supply/demand imbalance that results in a lot of people having to play regional events when they would prefer not to.

The niche events aren't a huge problem when there are other events starting at the exact same time. For example, I've never heard a single person complain about the Mixed BAM while I've heard a dozen or more complain about the mixed pairs. This is likely due to the fact that the Wernher starts at the same time as the Mixed BAM and absolutely nothing starts alongside the mixed pairs. This seems especially silly when there are other times with multiple open events starting simultaneously. One friend solved this by getting another to commit to "playing the mixed pairs as long as we are friends", but not everyone can extract that promise from a top notch female player.

Another example would be the Silver Ribbon: absolutely nothing starts opposite the silver ribbon and the imp pairs are already done. So unless you are one of the 28 people in the platinum pairs then you are without an open event to play in.

My primary suggestion and request is that the Spring schedule be examined and these sorts of imbalances are adjusted in some manner to make the schedules more inclusionary such that fewer people have days where they feel like they don't have any NABC events to play.

Here are the specific gender/age restricted events along with what (if anything) starts around the same time for the spring, summer, and fall NABCs:

1) Silver Ribbon. No open pair event starting that day, the day before, or the day after. The next open event is the Vanderbilt on Monday and the next open pair event is the Silodor 4 days later.

2) Mixed Pairs. No open event starting that day or the next. The next open event is the Silodor starting 2 days later.

3) Spring Women's pairs: Starts simultaneously with the Silodor, no issues

4) Summer Mixed BAM: Starts simultaneously with the Wernher, no issues

5) Summer Senior Swiss Teams: Starts simultaneously with the Spingold

6) Senior Mixed Pairs: Blue Ribbon Ongoing, 2 open events start the next day (minimal issues imo)

7) Mixed Swiss Teams: No simultaneous open event, but 2 open events started the day before.

8) Super Senior Pairs: Starts simultaneously with the Open BAM, no issues

9) Senior KO Teams: Starts simultaneously with the Fall LM pairs, no issues

10) Women's BAM: starts opposite the Open BAM, no issues

11) Fall Women's pairs: starts opposite the blue ribbon, no issues

After creating the list above, this seems to be an issue specifically for the Spring NABC so updating the title to reflect that.

Posted here for discusson/ideas/feedback. Any thoughts of my own on ideas of ways to solve it will go in comments since my own ideas for how to change it aren't the purpose of this article.

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