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ACBL Scheduling.

This has probably been already discussed but the new Las Vegas schedule is not good for

me and my partner. The first event Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs is three sessions and if you do

not Q you have two days of non events. They have moved the Wernher pairs against 

Mixed BAM  taking an event away from our schedule. The Roth Open Swiss Teams is

like the first three session event, nothing to play in if you do not Q. So, we will only

attend for two National events.

I was looking at the tournament schedule for a trip to Jacksonville to visit a friend.

They have a Sectional the 24th thru the 26th of May. They have a Regional starting

the 27th of May!  I would like to say what I think about this but I do not

think it would get past the censor!

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