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ACBL strikes again!

We had our District's NAP final yesterday.

In the second session, the directors handed out the same set of boards that we had played in the first session. So we had to shuffle and play. When I suggested the directors write down the deals and e-mail them to us, they declined, using the excuse that they would have to do it for three different flights, so it would take too long. (There are a couple of NYC clubs where they shuffle and play but hand records are still produced, so this is not exactly an unreasonable request.)

When I left the venue, they had us at 53% for the session. Then I got an acbl dead e-mail saying our score was 57%. Then I got another saying that due to a scoring correction our score was 49%. We checked all of our scores and they were correct from the outset; none were ever changed.

I am having a tough time imagining a scenario where one or more score adjustments could result in such huge swings in our matchpoint score when none of our scores changed. I tried to figure out which scores had been changed, but the recaps referenced for both e-mails were identical.

Bottom line--another very nauseating experience in an ACBL event. There is a culture of incompetence that permeates the ACBL lately. At the  Washington nationals, there were at least half a dozen screw-ups like this.

I submit that it is up to the CEO to change the culture. Instead, it seems to be spiralling out of control.

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