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ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?

In Canada ACBL charges a surcharge of $4 a session for non ACBL members to play in tournaments.

Tournament attendance is down across the board.

Social duplicate bridge has a large following, many unsanctioned games which are cheaper than ACBL games. In our small city ACBL is $8 to play and social games are between $4&$5.

Our tournament is struggling and soon will fold.

My question is why do we have this $4 charge? Does it benefit anyone except the ACBL makes $4 more dollars.

 If  i went to try to convince some social players to attend  i would have to say we charge $12.50 per session but since you are not a member we have to add on another $4 per session so it costs you $16.50 to play one session. The price alone is a deterrent to attending. Lets say i convince 5 to play one session ACBL would make an extra $20 dollars.  Without surcharge l can convince 10 l am money ahead, 5 is $92.50 with surcharge 10 is  $125 without surcharge.

Benifits for members is simple more players more master points. Acbl makes more money plus exposes tournaments to more people and may get lucky someone does well and joins, 

In the USA l believe most sectionals charge $10 to play and a $2 surcharge for non members.

I could even see the ACBL keeping this surcharge at regionals but sectionals it needs to go!

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