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ACBL units getting phished

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email addressed to the president of our unit, asking for a check to be sent. It was a fairly good attempt, as these things go: grammatical, spelled correctly, not too odd-looking. However, I was suspicious and I am no longer the president, so I did nothing.

Yesterday, I heard that the treasurer of another unit had gotten a similar email: a request for a check for $3000. She checked with the ACBL, and Joe Jones at ACBL confirmed that unit presidents and treasurers have been getting these emails. Apparently the ACBL is attempting to pass the word but it hadn't reached either of us yet.


So -- alert to all unit presidents and treasurers, and those who talk to them: Be careful, and verify all your expenses.


On a related note:  For some years now, the Denver unit has been posting the real email addresses of its officers, both on our website and on the ACBL website, and perhaps on some flyers. This has a couple of problems, including being out of date as soon as the position passes to another person.  We are in the middle of transitioning to email aliases, such as Depending on several things, these emails can be forwarded directly to the right person(s), so there's no additional setup by the recipient. We like this solution for several reasons, including the fact that only one person (the website administrator) has to do anything or have any special knowledge. The forwarding addresses can be updated whenever necessary.

This won't prevent phishing, because the aliases will be out there, but at least real email addresses won't be. I don't know if the ACBL will accept the aliases on its unit officer list, but we'll give it a try.

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