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Like many on this site, I am concerned about the future of the game.  I see some hopeful signs around North America of young players and beginners/novice/intermediate events at tournaments: too few, I fear, so something more needs to be done.

To be blunt, I consider the way my local ACBL unit board is handling the affairs of the unit is nothing short of a disaster.  If not for the largely unpaid efforts of a few local teachers, our membership would be aging and declining.  I will spare you the rant I have over my unit board, as I am certain that many of you face similar situations.  I am considering joining the board, along with some other like minded players in my area, with the thought of doing some serious attitude readjustment of the present board members.  The way the unit board is presently run makes me angry.  So rather than staying angry, I'm thinking of doing something about it.

So my question this: for those of you who have been involved with administration of the ACBL at the unit level, is there a mandate given to the units from the District or the ACBL on what their duties and responsibilities are?  Are units boards encouraged to develop five or ten year plans?  Does your unit even have a Mission Statement?  What has worked (or not) for your unit to promote bridge and get new players interested in the game?



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