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Active Ethics?

I know that there is a lot of contention about what systems should be allowed. Before I start I just want to say that my personal opinion is that when a pair announces to me that they are playing a or b system I generally don't know if they are legal for that event or not and I don't really care, I adjust and play against them, if there are problems we discuss how to deal with whatever problems we had in case we play against that system again.I like new systems and think they benefit the game. Having said that, rules are rules, maybe I break the rules by not knowing what is legal or not in order to report the infraction to the director, but that part of the game is a lawyers game, and I didn't go to Harvard. I just know that our system falls within the GCC, just basic 2/1....

I am interested in what people think of the following; and any comments they may have.

Playing in a small Sectional, a Flight A experienced pair decides to play a couple of conventions that are illegal for that particular tournament.

• CASE 1 - they didn't know that the systems they were playing were illegal and were playing them for practice of something bigger coming up where these systems would be legal.

• CASE 2 - they know the systems they were playing are illegal, but decide to play them for practice anyway until they get caught.

Also, do you think that CASE 2 happens frequently in other small tournaments? What do you think of this practice? What should be done about this when caught?

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