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Advancer's double after partner makes a take-out double

I think most players play that after partner makes a one-level take-out double, advancer's double of responder's one-level major suit bid shows that suit:  (1 any)-X-(1M)-X  This is supposed to protect against psychs and may even be "standard".  (It never ceases to amaze me how few agreements are truly 'standard', much less universal.)

Consider when the bidding has specifically gone:


What does the double of 1 show?  Assume the club opening isn't systemic.


Follow-up questions: 

Would it make sense for responder to psych a 1 bid here?

What limits, if any, does advancer's double place on his hand?

What would a Q of responder's bid by advancer be?  Natural?  Majors?  Other?  

If you don't play a double of the major as showing that suit, what do you play?



Same as the double of a major, showing the suit plus values
Negative/responsive promising 4-3+ either way in the majors
Negative promising exactly 4-4 in the majors
Other (please answer in comments section)
Holy Cow! Who would ever bother to discuss this?

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