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After 1NT - Dbl - Redbl or similar

Not a frequent auction, yet it came up yesterday:

West North East South


1NT (15-17) - Dbl (any one-suiter) - Redbl (balanced, 8 hcp+) - Pass

Pass - 2 - ?

Traditionally, East-West remain alert for opportunities to apply a penalty double in situations like this (if neither player can double, the auction is forced to 2NT or suit agreement). But would it be better for East-West to employ negative/takeout doubles in such cases? If you have experience either way, please indicate what you believe to be the superior approach and explain why.

East should double with clubs sufficient to inflict a worthwhile penalty
East should pass with clubs sufficient to inflict such a penalty, expecting West to reopen with a doubleton club (which can be passed for penalties)

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