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AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you

Bridge is a complex game: players don’t know their partner’s hand nor their opponents’, and are left to deduce this information from the bidding, lead, the defender’s or declarer’s play. We believe that a player may also further narrow (or expand) possible holdings attributing individual characteristics to his partner/opponents based on psychological information such as their “style”, “profile”, or personality. Our goal is to elicit different styles of play driving players’ decisions. We assume we can categorize players such as those in a different class are more likely to play differently. Based on your common knowledge about players’ psychology, we would like to create a typology of bridge players (as MBTi or Big 5 is). Would you like to help us?

NukkAI’s new challenge is to create a tool allowing bridge players to discover their style. What a dream to be able to compare ourselves to Jeff Meckstroth, Brad Moss or Thomas Bessis. What a dream to know the profile of your ideal partner! But to fulfill it, we need you.

Please take a moment and think of features that differentiate between players of the same level: aggressiveness, confidence in one’s intuition, creativity, etc…? Which characteristics are defining (shaping) bridge players? In order to help you, you can think of your partner, a teacher, a particular opponent who surprised you during a tournament with his/her play. Once you find one main psychological characteristic, illustrate it with an example where it came forward.

We will use your answers to build a survey to ask bridge players if, in such a situation, they would take into account the style of their partner or opponents. You’re invited to take part in the very first step of a large study on bridge players’ psychology and it would be a pleasure to have you for the next ones.

Feel free to share your examples below or by email

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