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Alert Procedure After Misbid

After combing through the ACBL rules and regulations I could not find a rule that seems to specifically address a player's obligations in the following situation:

Say you are playing in a game (without screens) and you pick up a normal weak two and blissfully open 2 only to have partner alert.  You realize that you just switched to playing Multi and that 2 actually shows 5 spades and a 5-card minor.  Partner now bids 2NT which you used to play as OGUST but now would ask for your better minor.  Clearly you must ethically continue to *bid* as if partner had not alerted 2 since you can't be awakened due to his alert.  My question concerns your alerting obligations - should you alert 2NT?  If partner had not alerted 2, you would not have alerted 2NT.  But now you know that your actual partnership agreement is that 2NT is alertable.  


Both arguments about what you should do here seem to have merit:

1)  You should continue to act in all capacities as if you did not hear partner's alerts since they are not intended for you.  This is what would have happened behind screens.  

2) Your job is to provide the opponents with correct information about your agreements.  So, while you should bid as if partner had not alerted 2, you should give the opponents correct information about the meaning of your partner's bids. 


What say you?

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