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Alert Procedures when Playing Behind Screens

In one of the North American Swiss final matches, we had an auction where i opened 1, and my LHO overcalled 1NT. On my side of the screen this was alerted as hearts and a minor. On the other side of the screen, LHO briefly tapped the alert card, but my partner didn't see it and wasn't aware there was an alert. He doubled, thinking LHO bid a strong NT. RHO bid 2, and LHO now corrected to 2 which was passed out. (I cannot tell you what our hands were, because this was a board that for some reason was shuffled at the other table, so hand records don't exist!)

2 was down two for +100, but we were cold for game.

We discovered after the hand was played that my partner never saw the alert.

What are the opponents' responsibilities as far as the alert procedures go? Must they make sure that opponent saw the alert? Must they always write down the alert? Should we have called the director when the hand was over, or was it just bad luck? (It turned out not to matter as we blitzed the match anyway, but I'd like to know for the future, in case I have the good fortune to play behind screens again.)


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