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Alertable or not?

Consider the simple auction 1m - 1 - 1 (no interference).

Playing weak NT (11-14) is the 1 bid alertable? 1 does not show extra strength.  

(Please allow 1 to be either balanced or unbalanced for the context of this poll).  

Guidance: Assume AKxx xx xx AKxxx or AKxx x xxx AKxxx could be bid this way.  So could KQxx x KQxx Q10xx, but not KQxx xx KQxx Q10x

Please respond based on your home zone.  


Not alertable
Alertable if promises 4 cards and 4m cards
Alertable if promises 4 cards, 4m cards and shortness
Alertable if promises 4 cards, 5m cards.
Alertable if promises 4 cards, 5m cards, and shortness
Alertable in any case

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