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Alerting a Stolen Bid

Playing in a small club, my friend opened 1NT, the left handed opponent bid 2 diamonds and opener's partner doubled.  Each side made subsequent bids with the opener's opponents going down by a couple of tricks.  The declarer said that the doubler's partner should have alerted the double as a "stolen bid," as his side would have bid differently. (The NT opener was not asked about the double during the bidding). The club director was partnering the declarer and said nothing.

Putting aside the merits of using stolen bids and of the director's failure to intervene: 1) Are stolen bids common enough that they do not need to be alerted?  ACBL says that most common doubles do not need alerting but did not specify stolen bids; 2) If it should have been alerted and was not, is there a penalty for failure to alert?

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