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Alerting in USA?


A recent issue during a bidding auction resulting in some unsavory accusations.  While trying to understand my opponents views (which were not relevant for the rules he was playing under), he has expressed that in the USA "Active" alerting is used.

He was of the opinion in the USA my rebid of 1NT with the hand below after the bidding sequence of 1C (P) 1H (P) 1NT was alertable.  We play WNT and a 5 card spade opening.  1NT has a range of 15-18 HCP and we use 2C to ask for range and shape in the majors/minors

AKQx KJT K8x Qxx

I have never heard of such a thing and suspect this is not true, but would appreciate the comments of anyone who knows for sure if that would be true in your playing area, or just baloney!

Thanks in advance


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