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Alternative to Lebensohl

In handling interference over our 1NT, I'm looking for an alternative to Lebensohl and wondered about the following basic approach (using a natural 2D overcall to illustrate):

  • Double = transfer to 5+ hearts (competitive or better).
  • 2H = transfer to 5+ spades (competitive or better).
  • 2S = transfer to NT (invitational or better, balanced-ish). There'd need to be schema to deny/announce a diamond hold and to identify 44 fits in the majors.
  • 2NT = transfer to 5+ clubs (competitive or better).
  • 3C = transfer to diamonds (that is, a cuebid). Forcing to 3NT or higher. This would be used in combination with the 2S(=NT) transfer to distinguish between having or not having a diamond hold. Something similar to Lebensohl's "slow shows", maybe.

I know that some use transfers in similar circumstances, but everyone seems to use 2S to transfer to clubs and 3C to transfer to diamonds. I'm thinking that you would gain some extra sequences by including a transfer to 2NT in the mix.

If this is a new idea, I'd appreciate some feedback. If not, I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

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