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Am I Incorrect - OR .....

Is this an outrage?

I usually room with my dear friend Cookie, co-chairman of the stupendous Nebraska Regional, great cheerleader for our game and overall lovely person. Cookie has significant vision issues, which makes her efforts at our game all the more impressive as far more often than the average bear, she sees something incorrectly and gets a bad result.

In any case, Cookie tells me that she lost qualifying for today in the Mixed BAM on a tie breaker and is, of course, sad and frustrated.  We discuss hands for a while, etc. and then I decide to surf the net.  When I go to ACBL live to look around, I see that there is a BIG Q for Cookie's team!  I let her know, and we also find out that there is an email sent to her stating "Congratulations; you have qualified for tomorrow's event"!!!  Yay yay; she is elated.

So we are chatting around 9:35 this morning - and - Cookie gets a call from her partner.  NOW there is an email stating:  "Sorry Charlie - we are taking away your qualification."?!?!!??!?!

Originally, when Cookie and her partner thought they had NOT qualified, they were going to play in the 10AM/3PM pair game. Now, with only a short while until that event starts, they get this info.

Personally, I'm not sure what can/should be done. But I think it is really, really bad to let people know after midnight that they HAVE qualiifed - and then send them an email taking it away.  Am I nuts?  (OK; anyone who has played bridge with me knows I surely am, but ... Am I in this case, too?)

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